About the project

We’ve been pushing the edge of what is possible for generations.

On 21 July 1969 our Parkes radio telescope received the signal to broadcast humankind’s first walk on the moon, to the entire world.

In 1992 we used our knowledge of wireless earth-to-space radio signals to develop a visionary communication project, now known as WiFi – one of the most significant inventions of the 21st century. We also developed plastic banknotes, Aerogard, a vaccine for Hendra and more.

Now we’re working on what’s next, from an edible sensor that knows when to send for medical help and hyper-absorbent crystals that can soak up pollution, to genetically tailored health plans.

A new generation, new thinking, new breakthroughs.

Presenting, the CSIROseven.

Facts & figures


  • 5000+ staff located all around Australia and the world
  • Our research, tech and innovation helps people, industry and the planet
  • We are Australia’s most trusted research and development organisation

Our inventions

  • Plastic banknotes
  • Hendra vaccine
  • Extended wear contact lenses
  • and more, check out our top 10 inventions

Meet the seven


It takes creativity to ask the interesting questions and it takes innovation, science and technology to answer them.

CSIRO is where creativity meets innovation, developing solutions to make a difference to you, our economy and the planet.

We imagine. We collaborate. We innovate.

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