Jane Bowen – Research Dietician, Food and Nutrition

Jane’s passion for health saw her pursue a career in nutrition from an early age. After studying a biomedical science degree at the University of Adelaide , she realised that the dietetics degree she wanted to do next was quite competitive. To boost her chance of getting in, she volunteered at CSIRO during her university holidays. This first taste for research has led her to where she is now – a nutritional scientist and dietician in CSIRO’s Food and Nutrition business. Find out more about student and graduate opportunities at CSIRO.

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Matthew Hill – Chemist, Advanced Materials

For Matthew, his love for science was ignited at a young age. Matthew studied materials chemistry at the University of New South Wales and is now a team leader in CSIRO’s Manufacturing business, with a focus on advanced materials to help industries including agriculture, minerals, energy and food. In 2014 Matthew won the 2014 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year (presented as part of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science awards).

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Mibu Fischer – Marine Scientist, Fisheries

After nearly applying for a degree in justice, Mibu listened to her heart and studied marine science at Southern Cross University . Mibu now works in CSIRO’s Oceans and Atmosphere team as an ecologist. Find out more about CSIRO’s Indigenous traineeships and cadetships.

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Nick Roden – Oceanographer, Oceans

Nick gave up the life of a pro golfer after spending time working for CSIRO as a volunteer and realising where his true passion lay. Nick is a PhD candidate with the University of Tasmania and CSIRO’s Oceans and Atmosphere team. Find out more about CSIRO’s Postdoctoral fellowships program.

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Vivek Srinivasan – Management Consultant, Futures

After completing a software engineering degree at The University of Melbourne and working as a consultant for a large tech company, Vivek now provides strategic foresight as part of the CSIRO Futures team. With access to over 5000 experts in CSIRO, Vivek helps senior decision makers in industry to understand the role that science, technology and innovation will play in the future, across sectors such as biosecurity, cyber security, minerals, energy and more. Find out more about our Insights and publications.

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Dr Stephen Wan – Computational Linguist, Digital

Stephen completed an undergraduate degree in psychology and linguistics at The University of Adelaide and then went on to complete a doctorate with a focus on computational linguistics at Macquarie University . Stephen now leads the language and social computing team, part of CSIRO’s Data61 business.

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Samaneah Movassaghi – Telecommunications Engineer, Wearables

After studying electrical engineering at the University of Tehran , Iran, Samaneah went on to complete a Master’s degree in telecommunication engineering at the University of Technology . Sam is currently a PhD student with the Australian National University and CSIRO's Data61 business, and is collaborating with CSIRO’s wireless and networking laboratory.

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Facts & figures

Working in CSIRO

  • We employ 5000+ staff around Australia and the globe
  • We employ scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff
  • We have state-of-the-art tech, world-class experts and projects of global significance.

Working in research

  • You can work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields in universities, government, businesses and research organisations
  • STEM related jobs are growing at about 1.5 times the rate of other jobs
  • Design, engineering, science, transport, and ICT professionals the fastest growing occupations.

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